Me holding up an image from DAY GLO_ The Poly Styrene Story as _lucyobrien61 takes the audience back

London born and bred, I spent over a decade in Madrid and Barcelona where I was the lead singer of an underground punk band Debutant Disco/TheTabloid Queens. A regular feature on the Madrid club scene in the 2000s, the band played venues such as the Apollo in Barcelona and London's Roundhouse.

My side hustle in Spain was teaching Business English, and I have worked in various roles within the education sector ever since. My most recent teaching experience has been with refugees and asylum seekers. 

I manage the estate of my late mother, Poly Styrene, lead singer of X-Ray Spex. I also manage her artistic archive and have recently curated the first exhibition of her work alongside Mattie Loyce and 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.

The book I co-authored about my mother's life was recently published by Omnibus Press, and a documentary film I am making, Poly Styrene: I Am a Clichè is currently in post-production.

Through these various roles, I have gained valuable insight into the world of music, art, and entertainment as well as film production, copyright, licensing and publishing.