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Day Glo: The Poly Styrene Story

28 Mar 2019 (U.K) 12 Sept 2019 (U.S)

Celeste Bell's first book was co-authored by Zoë Howe and published by Omnibus Press in March 2019. 

Poly Styrene was many things: a pop star, a punk, a songwriter, a single mother, a woman of colour, a Hare Krishna convert and an artist, but she is best known as the singer of X-Ray Spex. For the first time ever Poly's daughter, Celeste Bell, and Zoe Howe are sharing Poly's creative work from her archives. Ranging from the flyers and early design drafts for X-Ray Spex, to her later visual art and lyrics, Dayglo is the definitive statement on Poly Styrene as an artist.